About Me

Height : 5'11"

Weight : 180

Clothing Size : Medium / Large

Shoe Size : 10

Zodiac : Cancer

Lucky Number : 7

Favorite time of the year : Winter

Favorite Porn Actress : Sasha Grey

Favorite Porn Actor : Parker London

Favorite TV Show : Sports Center

Favorite Sport : Football and MMA

Favorite Sport Team : Denver Broncos

Favorite Holiday : MLK Day

Favorite Colour : Gun Metal

Favorite Music : Hip Hop

Favorite Hobby : Working on my fitness

Favorite Actress : Sarah Silverman

Favorite Actor : Johnny Depp

Favorite Movie : Anything Quentin Tarantino makes

Turn On : If u make me cum then at that moment that's my biggest turn on

Turn Off : Bad hygiene

Hello, I'm Rod Daily and i want to take this time to tell u a little bit about myself. I have been in the industry a little over 4 years, those of u who follow me already know this but maybe some of my new viewers do not. I like my job, it is a lot of fun, who would not like to come to work and have sex for a living?! I get to meet a lot of interesting characters and travel to a lot of cool places. I like to have fun during my scenes and keep the laughs coming when the cameras are not rolling. Don't get me wrong its not the easiest job in the world it can be a lot of work, thats why I like to keep the mood light. In my free time I enjoy watching sports, football would be my favorite sport, the Denver broncos being my favorite team. I also enjoy watching MMA very much and I'm a huge UFC fan, I'm kind of a MMA nerd and I watch UFC religiously. LOL!! In my spare time I enjoy taking care of my fitness and body, I hit the gym almost every day and I'm dedicated to trying to make my body look the best I can possibly make it.

I try to diet right and take the right supplements to help with this. †Sometimes when I'm on the road it's hard to keep up with my diet and supplement intake but I do my best. I also enjoy playing the PS3 every once in a while, my favorite game being Madden. I like people that are like me, funny, easy going, laid back, like to have a good time and are not full of them self. I can't stand people who are full of them self or cocky. My biggest turn off is someone who has bad hygiene. My biggest turn on is a juicy booty, I love ass, that's my favorite part of the body. I like sex in all shapes, ways, forms and sizes and I love to explore my sexuality in all ways. I'm very open minded and I don't judge anyone, life is to short so enjoy urself, there is no room for hate. I just want to say thank u to all my fans and anyone who watches my stuff, and if ur just a viewer and not a fan well I hope u like what u see and it does something for you.